A 12 year-old wrote and illustrated a bullying survival guide

A 12 year-old girl has written and illustrated a picture book for her peers with actions to combat bullying, based on the qualites of her favourite animals.

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA – Lauren Trott, a 12 year old school girl has written and illustrated her first children’s book to help other kids deal with bullying. Based on her own life experiences, Lauren has developed her own methods for dealing with harassment from others, which she has creatively captured in this picture book.

Titled, ‘The Animal Anti-Bullying Survival Guide’, the book features twelve animals, each with a great lesson to use when feeling bullied.

Take Lauren’s lesson from Meerkats:

Be alert! Meerkats stick together and if something big comes along they will stand by each other. With meerkats as your friends, no one is alone.

Lauren has worked really hard on the book project for the last two years.

Lauren’s mother, Leah Trott explained, “Someone was being a little mean to her but she told me that it was all okay because she just turned on her turkey sensor. I was confused and she said “I just press my button when I hear mean words and then all I hear is Gobble, gobble gobble!”

Thinking that was really clever, Leah suggested she should write a book.

Lauren jumped at the idea. From there, she wrote the other strategies and started playing around with the illustrations.

Leah started investigating publishing options and ran into roadblocks, so put it on the back burner thinking Lauren wasn’t serious.

After multiple drafts with her text and illustrations and tired of waiting for her mother, Lauren sent emails to publishing companies herself. After waiting for months to hear back from them, only to be informed of the $8000 expense, other options needed to be investigated to see her dream become a reality.

Lauren is still seeking a publisher for her book, but in the meantime she has saved $1100 of her own money to have 200 copies of her book locally printed.

Lauren’s main goal with the book was to help others build resilience and a more positive outlook on life and school. She also loved the thought of a quality finished product.

Her love for animals and obsession with meerkats made the strategies easy to think of. Social skilling lessons at her school in Gayndah also influenced her ideas.

‘The Animal Anti-Bullying Survival Guide” written and illustrated by Lauren Trott can be purchased through the facebook page.

If you like the lessons from the meerkats and turkeys, you’ll love the final message from the otters.

Sea Otters hold each other’s hand when they sleep so they don’t drift apart. Hold your loved ones close and don’t drift apart.

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The Animal Anti-Bullying Survival Guide on Facebook


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