Students created a virtual tour promoting their town for tourism

Bathurst, New Brunswick
Students in second grade made a virtual tour of their home town, wrote descriptions and used Twitter to spread the word to grow tourism to their area.

NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA – Mrs Courtney Wood’s second grade students from Bathurst in New Brunswick wanted to attract more tourists to their small Canadian town. They created a virtual tour of the Promenade Waterfront and used twitter to spread the word about their project with high profile personalities.

While studying places tourists like to visit, the students wondered how they could get more people to visit their hometown of Bathurst. After a discussion about the importance of sustainable tourism they wanted to spread the word about their great town to attract more visitors.

The class took an excursion to Promenade Waterfront, took digital photos of the local shops and attractions and created a virtual tour of the area. Using photosynth, a webtool that generates panoramic views, the students were able to stitch together their photos and zoom in on individual shops, services and attractions. The students composed and edited their own descriptions of each site in English. Grade 5 students helped write the descriptions in French, representing the bilingual diversity of the community.

The students used their class twitter account, registered to Mrs Courtney, to message influential twitter users about their project, including the Prime Minister, CBC and Bill Gates. The students were thrilled to arrive at school and read return tweets from the Minister of Education, Photosynth, local media, and others.

As a result, the hosts of their favorite show, “Experience Bathurst” visited the class, spoke to students, and signed autographs. The local tourism bureau also liked their project and use it to attract people to Bathurst.

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